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We are proud to showcase some of the projects we have worked on in the past and are working on right now. Your might just find your favourite films and serials on the list.

Twenty thousand titles

The founder of DW Agency Dusan Walter has helped create the Czech versions of more than twenty thousand film and TV titles. In the 1990s these included cult serials like M.A.S.H., Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, National Geographic, Blackadder, Dallas, MacGyver, Kojak, Columbo, Baywatch and Moonlighting, and movies such as Alien 3, Beverly Hills Cop and many more.

Serials for Disney Channel

Another current project is dubbing serials for The Walt Disney Company, right now, for example, Kid vs. Kat, in which the hero Coop battles with an extraterrestrial cat. We are also working a wonderful serial for pre-school children entitled Special Agent Oso, which is packed full of songs and educational scenes. And work goes ahead on the very popular children’s serial Phineas and Ferb.

Law and Order

One regular project DW handles is preparing new continuations of the Czech version of the serial Law and Order, currently broadcast by TV Nova.

TV Nova

For TV Nova we have created Czech versions for the following films and serials (and many others besides):

Ritka video

We have also made Czech versions of a number of movies for Ritka video:

  • Dotaz
  • References