TV/film postproduction TV/film postproduction

We provide our clients with full audiovisual services of the highest quality.
We create audiovisual works and audio tracks, including postproduction work on audio and video. We also organise cultural events and rent out sound studios.

Production service

DW Agency’s production service handles the shooting of commercials and films and the organisation of photo shoots, with full production and postproduction. Our collaboration with the best postproduction studios means we can reliably guide you through this labyrinth, from developing negatives to final online work.

For our clients we create Czech adaptations of commercials, including buying broadcast times on TV stations. In partnership with 9. VLNA CASTING agency we can also cast your projects, drawing on an extensive database of models, actors, dancers and other performers.

Charity projects

We’re not here just for commercial work: we also happily take on non-commercial and charity projects.

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