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Why should you choose us for your project?

1. We’re the best

Okay, everyone says this, but luckily we’ve got nine more reasons to back us up.

2. We provide outstanding service

We provide full audiovisual service at prices that are sure to please. Your satisfaction is paramount for us.

3. We’re adaptable

Your project matters to us: we are always willing and able and we will adapt to suit your requirements.

4. We use state-of-the-art technologies

We use cutting-edge technologies when working on projects, so we can achieve better results in shorter time.

5. We work for major clients

A number of major clients have been satisfied with our work. They include TV NOVA, The Walt Disney Company, Czech Television, National Geographic and many more.

6. We’re creative

We will do everything in our power to deliver the best possible outcome for your project. And we’re more than happy to get involved in the creative process as well.

7. We have our own Smartjog and Digidelivery servers

Advanced systems for high-speed transmission of audiovisual files ensure that your data will be delivered on time and 100% securely.

8. We meet deadlines

Time is money, especially when you miss an important deadline. That is why we do our utmost to meet deadlines under all circumstances.

9. We enjoy our work

A professional team and state-of-the-art technology will achieve nothing without genuine enthusiasm for the work.

10. We offer you an amenable environment

In our studios we have created an inspiring and amenable environment that inspires our clients, our staff and our muses.

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