A family affair

Our company is co-owned and jointly run by Dušan Walter and his son Daniel. So we offer all the benefits of a family business.

Origin story

After gaining experience in Czechoslovak and later Czech Television, Dušan was involved in the founding of TV Nova in 1993 and was head of the dubbing department there for a few years. In the mid-nineties he set up his own firm, which now has a quarter century of Czech dubbing experience under its belt and is one of the most trusted names in the business.

The nineties

During the nineties we produced original Czech TV commercials and provided dubbing and audio services for international firms. We made documentaries and shorts and provided audio services for sports broadcasts. Later, we moved into production of Czech versions of international TV serials and feature films for Czech and international clients.

The new millennium

Daniel got involved in his father’s firm in 2010, bringing valuable movie and advertising production experience. His initial role was to deal with international clients, first and foremost Disney. Today, the family business operates as follows: Daniel manages the day-to-day working of the company, while Dušan takes care of finances and looks after Czech clients.

The present

One key milestone in recent years was Netflix’s entry onto the Czech market. We are one of the few Czech studios to receive an NP3 certificate, which is both an honour for us and proof that we comply with the highest possible standards in our services, technology and equipment, and data protection.

The future

So far Daniel’s two sons, the youngest generation of the Walter family, have come to the studio as occasional dubbing actors. Only the coming years will tell if they will join the family business. In the meantime, we have further modernization and expansion in the works. We’re planning to build a recording and mixing studio equipped with Dolby Atmos technology, for example, so we can add another important facet to the range of services we offer.


The security of our data and, more importantly, our clients’ data is hugely important in this business, so we pay it continuous attention: from cutting-edge software and network components guaranteeing the highest security standards, through network ring-fencing, to active monitoring and logging unexpected situations and incidents across all our systems.

Network security

  • all switches compatible with 802.1X 
  • production data ring-fenced off from WiFi network access 
  • WiFi with 802.1X support, WPA3
  • networks ring-fenced into segments: internet, production, operations

Computer terminals security 

  • all terminals have antivirus systems from a ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant company 
  • antivirus system with central monitoring of incidents and functioning on terminals
  • central monitoring of updates on every terminal 
  • password policy compliant with the latest recommendations and standards


  • active monitoring 
  • Layer 4 stateful firewall 
  • Layer 7 application inspection
  • DMZ and QoS
  • connection log 
  • IDS/IPS, incl. SSL connection  

The DWA Team

We want to be sure we see eye to eye. And these are the eyes you can look into at DW Agency. We may not be the biggest firm, but we’re a good mix of experienced veterans and dynamic young pros always looking beyond the horizon.

There’s one thing we have in common though – we love our work! That helps us function as a team that can handle any job, however big or small.

We have two
recording studios
equipped with Pro Tools HD
and state-of-the-art