We have two recording studios with Pro Tools HD and state-of-the-art technical equipment. Both studios are designed for dubbing in 2.0 (stereo) and 5.1 audio formats.


We take care of the entire process of creating Czech dubbing audio tracks.

From translation and script adaptation by experienced translators, through renowned dubbing actors and directors, to precision mixing and post-production by our sound engineers.

Because we have a large pool of full-time collaborators and lots of useful contacts in the business, we don’t let jobs with tight deadlines throw us off our stride.

We can handle a wide range of languages, including unusual or exotic ones.


We have a big team of translators, subtitle editors and proofreaders, who will make sure that every subtitle is checked by multiple pairs of eyes before it is seen by your viewers.

In projects with specialised, technical or obscure content we work with expert consultants to ensure we avoid unwanted shifts in meaning and inaccuracies.

We use EZTitles software and we can create subtitles in every format imaginable (and sometimes even unimaginable formats).

Most of our work involves creating subtitles in Czech and Slovak, but other languages are not a problem. 


Our years of experience and contacts with international movie producers and distributors mean we can arrange the purchase of all the required licences for film adaptations and distribution. 

Other services

The studio’s owners have a wealth of experience in the film, TV and advertising industries. As a result, we can offer professional production and shooting services for marketing or documentary videos. We will even be happy to take on audio and video postproduction work.

So if you’re looking for someone to create this kind of material, and you then want to localize it for other languages, look no further. We will take care of the entire creative process from start to finish, leveraging our experience and contacts and benefiting from all the synergies available to us.

There’s more to life than just business, and we care about where our world and society are heading.

That’s why we support non-profit, charity and art projects. Two examples are the Association for Integration and Migration (SIMI), for whom we shot a documentary called The Women Next Door (Ženy od vedle, directed by Theodora Remundová) and a TV commercial called Do You Know Who Your Cleaner Is? (Víte, kdo Vám doma uklízí, directed by Jan Látal).

We also work with AutoMat, an NGO devoted to improving the urban environment, the Rafani artists collective and many more.

DW Agency
offers consistency,
quality and the benefits
of a family business.